AppCode 1.6

JetBrains AppCode: an Objective-C IDE That Makes a Difference

AppCode 1.6の案内が来ていた。以下、変更点。

    • In-place refactorings: Rename and Introduce refactorings now work right in the editor without invoking any extra dialogs, and take into account usages in comments and non-code files.
    • First-class localization support: refactorings, "Find Usages" action and other smart features now work in localization files as well.
    • Build settings editor: configure your project without leaving your favorite IDE.
    • C++11 and libc++ support.
    • A bunch of new inspections help you to: ensure that all necessary enum values are covered in your switch statement; find all non-localized strings in your project; and more.
    • Boosted code generation: select where you want to declare a new generated method - in the implementation, interface, or category; easily generate objectWith-methods.
    • Fully compatible with Xcode 4.4 and Xcode 4.5 preview.